Advanced: Getting Additions

Bright Promise opens additions sporadically and for a set amount of time. This is whenever you can take those nifty Razor Wings and ask them to be put on Spoofy.

You will know that additions are available if this topic on the board states that additions are available.

There are some regulations though since Bright Promise is a college student and only has a few free hours a day.

To help things go smoothly, whenever additions are open, please follow these rules:

Addition Request Rules

  1. May use up to 3 items (this includes item actions) per creature.
  2. Item actions are like melting down material you have gained through quests or building armor from Eldorian Crystal. (i.e. a creature would use up 3 items by using two items, such as Back Spikes and Eldorian Crystal, and the one item action to put the two together. If a natural melding of items occurs, such as Elements interacting with each other, it will not count against your item count)
  3. Email me at E-mail with the item(s) you want to use, how you want to use it, and specific directions with where you want the additions and colors (if you have these choices).
  4. If you don't follow these rules, I am afraid I won't do your additions.
  5. Additions will be open until I say so (when people stop requesting).
  6. Just so all are aware, I don't know when these additions will be done, but I will try my best! :)