Advanced: Armor

Armor increases your creature's defense against attacks, it can also look pretty cool! The type of armor you can get depends on what material is offered in Rhul at that time. Most can be made out of steel, bone or crystal mined from the mountains of Eldora. The different materials cost different prices depending on rarity and how much defense it gives to the creature.

Armor Picture Description Defense % to Base Stat Strength Required Cost (q)
Collar Collar A collar that fits around the neck, protecting the area. 5% 10 5
Paw Guards Paw Guards Gloves that fit over the Naisuk's paws on all four feet. 5% 10 5
Helmut Helmut A covering of the forehead all the way to the back of the neck. 10% 30 25
Liberty Spikes Liberty Spikes Similar to the Back Spikes, but located on the head leading to the back. 15% 40 30
Chain Mail Chain Mail A guard against torso attacks. 20% 40 30
Leg Armor Leg Armor Protects against attacks to the legs. 25% 40 30
Back Spikes Back Spikes Long, sharp spikes that line the back. 30% 40 30