Basic: Battle

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Battling is the best way to help your Naisuk grow more powerful and to gain experience. After a few months of battling, Stat Awards will be given that can improve your Naisuk's Life Points and Stats (like Strength, Speed, Intelligence and Defense). When Stat Awards are ready to be awarded, a post will be made in the Nai's Glory Updates forum.

The two different kind of point values are Life Points and Experience Points.

Life Points are to be added to your Naisuk's current Life Point value.

Experience Points are a little more tricky! These can be divided up in groups of 5 or 10 to be added to your base stats (Strength, Speed, Intelligence and Defense). Experience Points can not be divided into groups less than 5 and no more than 10 Experience Points can be assigned to a specific base stat. As an example, if your Naisuk was awarded 15 Experience Points, he could put 10 into Intelligence and 5 into Defense, or 5 into Strength, 5 into Speed and 5 into Defense.

  • Experience Points can not be put into Cunning because Cunning is an average of the Speed and Intelligence base stats.

Starting a battle

Battles occur on the Battlefield and are issued by the challenger. You can start one by creating a new topic with this sort of convention: "Battle: [Your Naisuk's name] vs ??". That lets other trainers know that your Naisuk is ready for a battle.

If you would like to make a quox or item wager, you need to offer that in your first post.

You can also offer prizes to people that challenge you with the requisite that they beat you, such as "I will award 20q to you if you can beat me".

Don't forget to post your stats in your first post. If you don't post this, trainers have no idea what they are up against. Something like this is sufficient:


Life Points: 100
Strength: 30 (every 3 turns, my Defense drops 10% of original; I may only use three damaging attacks in a row before I must rest or use a non-damaging attack)
Speed: 40
Intelligence: 30
Cunning: 35 (every 5 turns I may attack twice in one turn)
Defense: 20

Gnaw -- 30 Damage
Bellow -- lowers Defense of opponent by 10% of original value each time used

Whenever someone has accepted your challenge, remember to always update your topic title with the name of the opponent you are battling against.

You can also accept someone else's challenge. In order to do this, you make a reply to that person's challenge and state that you accept the challenge and any terms/wager/bets involved. You also must post your Naisuk's name,page address, and stat table (with explanations).

  • Naisuk can battle any other creature as long as they are within the same age group. This means that cubs can only battle other cubs (puppies etc.) and adults can only battle adults.

Once two creatures have agreed to battle, the one with the higher speed goes first. If the two creatures are equal in Speed, than the owner of the creature that issued the battle challenge must flip a coin. Heads, and the opponent goes first; tails and owner's own creature goes first. The creature that goes first must post its first attack/move (ex. "Ajeya uses Gnaw (30 Damage).") Then, it is the other creature's turn.

The other must first repost its stat table, with alterations for the damage. If Ajeya was fighting a Naisuk with Life Points: 100 and Defense: 30, then her Gnaw attack would do 30 Damage - opponent's Defense/2, or 30 - (30/2) = 30 - (15) = 15. Her attack would do 15 Damage. The other Naisuk would repost his stat table, and his Life Points would then be 85 (100-15).

After reposting his stat table, the opponent would also state his move/attack for his turn.

  • Some Important Notes on Rounding
    If you have defense that does not divide evenly (i.e. 25), then you go through the damage formula like so: 30 Damage - (Defense: 25/2) = 30 - (12.5) = 17.5. This number is rounded up to 18 Damage, which is then subtracted from your Life.

    The order of rounding matters. Why is it rounded in this order? Because the way the formula is set up. If you had a scientific calculator, the first number you would see would be 17.5 (the number inside the parentheses, 12.5, would not be rounded), and so 17.5 is the number you round, not the defense divided by two (12.5), or the Life Points afterwards. Just remember that you are calculating Damage, so your round the final Damage, not the Life Points.

    This rounding issue also applies to Defense drops if your Defense doesn't divide equally. For example, 10% of 25 is 2.5. If you were doing your first Defense drop, the formula would be 25 - (10% of 25) = 25 - (2.5) = 22.5, which rounds up to 23. You do not round the number in the parentheses (2.5), you round the final Defense (22.5).

    Be very careful about the rounding orders. For Damage, you round the final Damage, before you subtract it from Life Points. For Defense, you round the final Defense.

    Make sure you're rounding is correct, your opponent doesn't need to correct you if the mistake favors their Naisuk!

In battle, the creatures trade turns until one reaches Life Points: 0. You must remember, however, to apply the effects of your creature's Strength and Cunning. When battling Ajeya, her Strength (30) indicates that at the end of every 3rd turn, you would have to remember to lower her Defense by 2 points (10% of 20). Also, you must remember never to use damaging attacks more than three times in a row. Her Cunning (35) indicates that every 5th turn you would have to remember that you could attack twice.

  • A Note on Defense Effects
    For Defense, the "original Defense" for moves like Bellow and other Defense deductions is the Defense you start with. This is not to be confused with your "base stat" for Defense. Some items will augment your base Defense stat, giving your creature higher original Defense. For example, on an individual with Defense: 36 (Base: 30 + 20% from Back Spines), you use 10% of 36 for the deductions, not 10% of 30.

Battling Conventions

Please only have your Naisuk fighting in one battle at a time (as it wouldn't make sense to be fighting two at once...).  Also, please try to reply to posts as soon as you can, so the battles don't drag on for too long.  To see an example battle, please visit the Battlefield and check out the Instruction and Training section.  Also, feel free to watch other battles going on at the Battlefield.

Once you've gotten the hang of battling, it can be great fun!  You can buy attacks and items to help your Naisuk grow and battle more effectively. Also, once your Naisuk has learned an element spell, it can learn elemental attacks and participate in elemental battles, which are discussed in the "Advanced" section of this site. Here are some important basic rules to remember when battling:

Rules of the Battlefield

  • When issuing a challenge, post required stats with descriptions, battling conditions, and a clear link to your Naisuk's page. Posting a picture is also helpful.
  • When accepting a challenge, post required stats with descriptions, acceptance of any battling conditions, and provide a clear link to your Naisuk's page. Posting a picture is also helpful.
  • *Note on Posting Images* If your server allows image direct linking, you can put your Naisuk's picture in your first post. To do so, use an image ezboard tag:
    [img noborder]http://yourweb/yourimage.gif[/img]
    If you know your server does not allow direct linking (or, if you try this with the correct url for your image and the image still won't show up), you can get permission to direct link from my server. This is ONLY for use on The Nowhere Realm (our message board) and its forums; no direct linking from any other web sites, please. You can request permission and your image url by contacting me (via email: or AIM: Bright Promise).
  • Unanswered battle challenges will be deleted after a month.
  • Once two Naisuk agree to battle, the original poster must edit the title of the first post and change it to reflect the battle (ex. "Battle: Ajeya vs. Sweetness").
  • Battles, once begun, have a limited time to conclude. Battles with long periods of inactivity (a week or more) will be warned by the Charm Leaders and ended a week later. Exceptions will be made if a good excuse is posted and both battlers agree to let the battle go on.

    If neither party replies to a Warned battle, the battle will be ended as a "draw" or "tie" in your Naisuk's battle records. If only one party replies, then that person's Naisuk will be proclaimed as the winner, as the other Naisuk will have "withdrawn" from the fight and lost.

    If your Naisuk start to accumulate too many draws, the Charm Leaders may have a chat with you. If your Naisuk withdraws from a match without agreement with the other trainer in the battle, the match counts as a win for your opponent and a loss for your Naisuk.
  • In battle, watch your math and rounding! Your opponents are not required to correct you, especially if the mistake is in their favor. Read over the battle instructions here if you have questions. You can also post your question in the Instruction and Training forum or contact me (via email: or AIM: Bright Promise).
  • When a battle is over, the original poster must edit the title of the first post and add "-- Finished" to the end of it (ex. "Battle: Ajeya vs. Sweetness -- Finished"). This is so the Charm Leaders know to archive the battle.
  • It is very helpful to post a summary at the top of the first post in the battle after the battle has ended. Here is an example:

    Winner: Ajeya
    Battle lasted 8 turns

    Other information you could include would be a prize or wager given or collected, any Naisuk watching the battle, especially cubbies, and any other useful archiving information.
  • After battles are marked as "-- Finished" by the battlers, they will be closed and moved to the Battle Archives forum.

If you have questions or need help, please go to The Battlefield and post in the Instruction and Training forum, or directly contact me (via email: or AIM: Bright Promise).