Basic: Introduction

What are the Naisuk, and why do these pages look so familiar? The Naisuk are battlers just like the Eorlan that you might have already heard of.

The basic premise of the Naisuk is the same as the Eorlan, you battle and role play in order to get new additions and stats so that your Naisuk grows. Fun, right? So what's the difference other than a new creature to play? You'll get new and different items from Nai's Glory that can be added on to your NRBC critters by Bright Promise.

Hold on, what is the NRBC? The NRBC is a collection on affiliates who use Rachel "Indyana" Gratis' battle system. There are many different creatures that can be battled against each other and each affiliate specializes on a single species.

As you battle and role play, your Naisuk will grow and change and get stronger! All this is done at the Nowhere Realm boards which has specific forums for battling your creatures and role playing with other trainers in the community.

Another important item is that while you are role playing and battling, you will be earning currency called quox (singular and plural). Quox can be used in the Exchange forum to buy new items, creatures and potions or even used during battles as wagers. All affiliates within the NRBC use quox as their currency.

On the following pages, we will learn all about basic information about the Naisuk and also about how to join us and begin to battle your new critter.