Expert: Gardens

Starting a Garden

What is a "garden"? Well, in the real world you grow plants like vegetables and fruit, in Naisuk terms it is a way to gain items for battle! With this system, you and your Sleuth will be able to grow plants for your members to use in battle. Growing plants aren't simple, so here is some information to help you along your way.

How to Run a Garden

In order to run a garden, your Sleuth will have to buy some plots of land! (Not everything is free you know!) To set up a garden, you pay an initial fee of 100 quox and receive a watering can, 1 square of land and 5 bags of any seed of your desire. A square of land will hold 5 plants (it doesn't matter what plants they are) and costs 20 quox for each additional square of land.

You can buy new plots of land on the first of every month, just send an e-mail to E-mail with "Garden Square Buying" and can buy up to 3 squares of land every month.

When you purchase your new garden, you get your own topic in the Lands of Rhul made especially for you. In this topic, you will have information regarding which plants are currently growing. You and members of your Sleuth can make posts caring for your garden.

  1. You need to water your garden per the table below on how to care for your plant.
  2. You will need to weed at least once a month.
  3. Make sure no little animals are eating your plants while you are away!
  4. Pay attention to when you plant and harvest crops. If you don't plant it at the right time, your plants may die prematurely, and if you don't harvest at the right time the magical properties of the plant may fade away.

You can have your non-Sleuth friends visit your garden and hang out, gathering tips on how to start their own gardens. You can harvest the crops for selling, give them away as gifts or use them in battles.

Planting and Harvesting

Each plant has a specific planting and harvesting season. You will only be able to plant at a certain time in order to make sure your plants will survive. Please see the table below with the details for each plant.

Plant Planting Month Harvest Month How Often to Water
Carrot April/July June/September 1x / week
Day Flower March May 2x / day
Garlic October February Rarely
Ivy All Year Round 3 Months Rarely
Mint All Year Round 4 Months 1x / week
Nightshade September January 2x / month
Olive Branch April August 2x / month
Potato March July 1x / week
Poppy September May 1x / week
Rose All Year Round April 1x / week
Wood Sorrel December June 1x / week

To "water" a plant, go to the topic in the Lands of Rhul with your garden in it and state which plants you are watering. You will then get credit for watering your plants!


After raising your own crops for a few cycles, you may be able to learn more skills in order to specialize in hybridization. You'll be able to take two crops and create an entirely new species of plant with new properties!