Expert: O'rynen

Whenever a Naisuk adult has surpassed all attacks offered to them and have gained extremely high stats, they gain new ranks and begin to specialize in one stat, either Strength, Speed, Intelligence or Defense. Below are brief descriptions of classes that these higher ranked Naisuk can gain entrance into.

These O'rynen, or "the Powerful", do not seek guidance from Trainers, therefore don't offer to try and "adopt" them or give them Training, they will be offended, and an offended O'rynen is not a helpful thing.

Crusader (Strength)

This rank depends on strength and helps the Charm and/or Sleuth protect the young and more defenseless of the group. They are tough challengers in battle and are never beat, unless they are of course going against their own kind.

Emissary (Speed)

Emissaries are quick on their feet and fast thinkers. They are known to visit other Charms/Sleuths as delegates to discuss topics of the ruling classes.

They are important adversaries who know much about the areas of the Charms as well as the Naisuk in powerful places.

Mage (Intelligence)

Mages are Naisuk who have very high intelligence and most likely had strong senses since birth. Since beginning their own training, Mages-to-be usually need to seek out guidance from experienced Mages to hone magical powers they have developed themselves over time.

If mages-to-be have not developed magic during their early adult-hood, it is unlikely they will ever become full fledged Mages.

Priest (Defense)

Priests are very spiritual and believe in strong Defense rather than full-out Strength attacks. They are deeply rooted in the Earth and understand the connectivity of the world as well as believe everything has meaning.