Adonia walks around the dimly lit area with her bright horn. "Welcome, guest. Here we keep records of all of our NRBC battlers. Currently, we house Eorlan, Iernati, Naisuk and Tyriladon. Of course, if new NRBC organizations start, we will probably offer housing to more creatures."

"Below we have a table of our battlers, feel free to go visit them, there are directions in order to find them. We also have an Inventory Room as well as a place for people to visit the Tribe of Swirling Magic. Please enjoy!"

Name ID# Gender Stage
Jayanti dw0011f Female 1.1
Moohte dw0028f Female 1.1
Adonia eh003f Female 2.2
Clmoon eh028m Male 1.4
Eden ehsma03f Female 0.0
Garret eh018m Male 2.0
Gideon ehb02m Male 0.0
Konati ep019m Male 1.3
Mirab ep022f Female 1.2
Nericcia ep048f Female 1.2
Nikita eh044m Male 1.2
Sandrine eh023f Female 1.1
Tabia ep044f Female 1.1
Aayla Secura is040f Female 0.1
Felix is003m Male 1.0
Ajeya ng000f Female 2.0
Yoshiaki ng025m Male 1.0
Radinka tf018f Female 1.1