Advanced: Power Potions

Elemental Power Potions are used outside of battle during addition requests. Each are aligned with a specific Nai's Glory Element and can only be used on a creature that is aligned with this element. The creature can also be a dual-elemental or a combination elemental, as long as the base element for the power potion is present on the creature.

These potions give the creature a power mutation that is mostly random but applicable to the element in which the power potion is aligned. A small symbol of the power potion is then tattooed to the creature to mark it and allow the special properties of the potion to become active.

The Myth of the Power Potions

The history behind these potions is mysterious. The tale of these potions mentions an old woman, known to be a traveler of the northern territories of Rhul, created the potions to ward off attacks from the Soarex that would patrol the Eldora area. Using the most magical of all items found in northern Rhul, the old woman mixed multiple potions to increase her own defenses against the attackers. After her first attempt at making her ultimate potion, she drank all mixtures and nothing visable occurred to appearance.

She soon sought out hidden help from the priests of the Daemenite republic of the North, who are known for their spirituality in the Daemen magic force, to hone her potions powers. In some texts, the Daemenites used dark magic to curse her potions since she demanded great knowledge from them.

It is said, she drank all of her potions at once and began to glow with light. Her body soon transformed to hold strong scales and sharp horns on her head. Her waist elongated and a tail sprouted from her bottom. Lastly, her arms thinned and webbing grew from her fingertips.

This is a description of an old reptile/bird mix that use to be found near the Eldora Mountains and are tied to the Naisuk of the Eastern part of the north. As of now, no record of the species exists, but remains of a few were found not long ago in the southern part of the mountains.

They are known to be powerful beings and posses elemental powers. Thus, the ledgend has it that this elemental power is derived from the creator of potions, which are difficult to obtain, and each potion holds a part of the power developed.

Potion Picture Alignment
Immortal Immortal Potion Cell
Nimbus Nimbus Potion Cloud
Strength Strength Potion Gravity
Reflection Reflection Potion Moon

You are able to "discover" new Potions by participating in Hunts and RPs. Sometimes they are well hidden, but it is said that these potions are only found by those who truly deserve them and can handle the power.