Basic: Charms

Charms are the Naisuk counterpart of the Eorlan Clan. Each Charm is run by a trainer called a Leader who guides other trainers involved with the Charm and their Naisuk to become the best battlers they can be. There is no limit to the number of Naisuk that can be involved within the Charm and each Naisuk born in captivity is born to a Charm.

Charms do not usually have any types of rank unless Sleuths are involved with the Charm. Some wilder Charms may have an Elder presiding over and protecting the Charm from outside danger. There may also be older Naisuk who watch over the cubs and cubbies with magic powers and are usual held in higher standing than other adults. Currently, there are no such Naisuk that preside of the Charm of Nai's Glory.

Charms are made up of cubbies, cubs, and adults. Just like the total number of members, the number of each stage isn't restricted in any way and as many of each are allowed in the Charm. A Charm is also made up of smaller groupings called Sleuths that are structured more and may have ranks within them that carry over to the Charm ranks. More information on Sleuths and their structure is discussed within the Expert section of Nai's Glory.