Basic: Naisuk Fact Page


Naisuk (plural is Naisuk) were found in the North of Rhul on the island of Crykst which is a mild environment of both cold and warm temperatures that depends on which part of the island you travel on. Most Naisuk prefer colder habitats like polar bears.

This species from Rhul is also found near the base of the Eldora mountains and spreads into the uppermost of Arube (not near Hearth) and this is where most of the Naisuk from Nai's Glory are from.

Naisuk like to have a personal territory of about 100 square feet as cubs (that may or may not overlap slightly with other cubs), as cubbies they usually like huddling with other cubbies and cubs, so territory is not a big deal to them then. As they grow older, they become more accomplished by gaining more territory through battles and hunting.

If they are within a Sleuth, a Naisuk is more than likely going to share his/her territory with the entire Sleuth.


Naisuk prefer eating a variety of foods. When small prey, like rabbits, (or even cyen O.O) are available, they will choose meat, provided that they can catch them.

Before winter, they will choose harvest berries and plants to munch on if this is available. They have been known to be devious enough to pillage through farming country and pick off tasty crops.

Body Facts

Naisuk have a thick fur and a good layer of fat. This does not hinder their speed in battle but if they were to run long distances, they would tire much quicker.

They are born with an averaged weight of 3-5lbs and a length from snout to tail of about half a foot. They are born with thin hair covering their body and this hair insulates their body and is soon shed after the first month of infancy. After this they are considered cubbies and can wander around further away from their mothers.

Cubbies usually range from 20-30lbs and grow to be about 2ft in length and stand a foot and a half when standing on all fours and then about 2-3ft on their hind legs. Cubbies are not allowed to battle on their Battlefield, instead they are asked to watch battles to gain experience. This will help them to grow into cubs.

Cubs can get up to about 70lbs and are about 3 1/2ft in length and stand about 3ft when standing on all fours and about 4ft when balancing on their hind legs. This age is when Naisuk can begin battling on the Battlefield.

Adults range between the females and males of the species with males being slightly larger. They can get up to 150lbs for the females and 250lbs for the males which is a lot of weight if they fall on you! They can stand up to 6ft in height on their hind legs and are about 4-5ft when standing on all fours. When Naisuk become adults, they are then able to breed and have cubbies.