Basic: Code

Rules for Naisuk Ownership

  • You swear to respect all copyrights of the creator of Nai's Glory in regards to Naisuk, other graphics, text on this site, rules of battling, etc. Stealing of images or ideas is not taken lightly.
  • Promise never to alter any graphic given to you, either in a graphics program or by resizing on your web site.  If you want an alteration done, please ask me by emailing me at .
  • You MUST place your Naisuk on a page with the following:
    • Your Naisuk's current picture, name, base stats, and stat augmentations (from armor or objects)
    • Records of all your Naisuk's previous stages and stats, as well as what objects you used to cause changes in the stage.  If you aren't sure how to do this, check out the Residents section of this site or visit some pages of other Naisuk.
    • A link back to Nai's Glory (, either in text, or with one of these buttons:
      Nai's Glory     Nai's Glory
  • Save all images to your computer and upload them to your own server.  Do NOT direct link (meaning, use images on your pages by linking to the picture on my site).
  • Promise to take good care of your Naisuk, raise it well, and not abandon it. Neglected Naisuk will be taken away and resold.

Nai's Battle Code

  • Battle with glory. Try your hardest. Never be sour over lost battles.
  • Battle with pride.  Always take pride in battling.  Never battle lightly or sloppily.
  • Battle with spirit. Put your heart into every battle. But also use your head and plan.
  • Battle with honor.  Never lie about stats or coin flips.  Always follow proper rules and procedure.
  • Battle with wrath. Do not shirk from your goal or retreat needlessly.
  • Battle with fury. Put forth all your strength. Never hold back.
  • Battle for Fun!  The most important part of battling is the learning experience, not whether you win or lose.  Be a good loser and a good winner.