Basic: Naisuk

Ajeya, Stage 1.0, a Naisuk cub

Naisuk (nigh-SOOK) are battling creatures like the Eorlan. Their differences include the attacks they can learn and their body type. Naisuk are a lot like bears in shape, compared to the canine appearance of the Eorlan. They too are omnivores and warm-blooded animals. Instead of living in Indyana's land, Naisuk were found inside the lands of Rhul a few years after the Eorlan began battling. The founder of the Nai's Glory institution found the Naisuk battling each other with their regular and elemental attacks. He decided to approach them and upon doing so, found out that these creatures were sentient and also friendly to human species.

Naisuk live in family like groups called Sleuths. If you are already familiar with the Eorlan, it is just like their Tribes. A Charm, in comparison is just like a Clan, where there is a human trainer involved that help the Naisuk train and grow. Currently, there is only one Charm run by Bright Promise, but in the future we may open it up for other trainers to run a Charm.

As a beginning trainer, when you sign up to be a Naisuk trainer, you will receive an untrained cub as your starting Naisuk. Information about registering to be a Naisuk trainer are in a following page, but before you decide to become one, please finish these basic pages of information.

After you start training your Naisuk, there will be opportunities to buy items and additions for your Naisuk as well as other cubs to train.

Naisuk will be battled in the Battlefield over at the Nowhere Realm where two Naisuk can meet and battle each other just like the Eorlan (they can even fight Eorlan if they wish!). Each battle they take part in will result in Experience upgrades every three months that will increase their stats. Naisuk can also be role played at the same board for some experience that goes toward growth.

Naisuk have the same amount of stages as Eorlan: there are the cubbie, cub and adult stages. The first Naisuk you will receive will be a cub that follows the same stage conventions of the Eorlan, starting at stage 1.0 and working it up in conventions of .1. Every time the Naisuk receives a new addition that changes its physical appearance, a new stage will be drawn and given to the trainer. Naisuk grow by battling one another (or an Eorlan) and role playing on the boards.

Naisuk that are younger than cubs are titled cubbies. They are not able to fight in battles yet nor learn attacks. They are extremely dependant on a good, nurturing trainer and other Naisuk to grow into a healthy, competitive cub. Cubies grow by role playing and watching battles of other, more experienced Naisuk. In order to bring a cubbie into a battle to watch, please post to the battle with the image of your cubbie and an announcement saying that they are attending the battle. Their stages are numbered by 0.0 and grow in increments of .1 like the cubs. They too can receive additions just like any other stage of Naisuk.

Adults are usually the last stage for a Naisuk. They are able to learn the most powerful attacks as well as begin to breed either inside our outside a Sleuth and grow according to the 2.0 scale and each addition climbs in increments of .1.

When you get your Naisuk cub, they come with a set of stats. These stats are used for battling in the battlefield and can be increased by battling. Potions, new attacks, weaponry, armor and spells will also add to your Naisuk and some will modify their attack and defense stats. Additions will alter the image of your Naisuk and as their trainer you will receive a new stage.

Battling Naisuk isn't required, but for them to live a happy life and gain new things, you must battle them, otherwise they will continue to be weak. Basically, their conventions are the same as the Eorlan, and if you are comfortable with that system, you already know how to play with Naisuk.