Expert: Breeding

Naisuk breeding can happen a few times a year and only happens under the sanction from the Charm. Breeding is not to be used just to get cubbies, instead breeding is a sacred event to bring strong, new members into the world.

Breedings for Naisuk require two Naisuk, one male and one female. Naisuk are not mates for life, therefore we only allow each pairing "group" to breed every three rounds, meaning that after they breed you need to wait two rounds before you can request that pairing again. Also, female Naisuk can only be breed every other round, meaning that after a female has given birth, she can not participate in the next round of breedings.

Breedings are offered whenever the Charm Leader has posted a breeding signup topic in the Exchange forum.

Non-Sleuth Breedings

Includes situations where parents are not in a Sleuth, only one parent is in a Sleuth, or parents are in different Sleuths.

Price: 75q
Cubbies: 1-4
Two trainers can split the cost of the breeding if the Naisuk have different trainers or one trainer can pay the entire price. If two trainers are involved in the breeding, both trainers must reply to the breeding post in order to have the breeding registered. Mutations are not very likely from Non-Sleuth Breedings, but it is possible if the Naisuk have special genes.

Each trainer involved gets one cubbie, if only one trainer is involved, they still only get to choose one. The rest of the cubbies are kept by the Charm Leader until they grow to cubs and then are sold to the public. At that time, the trainers involved in the breeding can buy the cubs back.

Sleuth Breedings

Includes situations where parents are both in the same Sleuth.

Price: 50q
Cubbies: 2-6
During a breeding round, each Sleuth is allowed one breeding spot where they can submit a breeding from one breeding pair from within the Sleuth. Any trainers in the Sleuth can participate in the payment of the breeding as long as the full price is paid. All trainers who wish to participate in the breeding must reply to the breeding post in order to have the pair registered for breeding. Mutations and special traits occur more often in Sleuth breedings and the more members that are in the Sleuth, the more likely that a mutation or special trait will occur.

Cubbies will be marked with the Charm and Sleuth symbol. The owner(s) of the Naisuk must decide what to do with the cubbies once they are born. Options include: keeping all of them, giving them to trainers of the Sleuth or selling them back to the Leader of the Charm for quox.

  • Note: Cubbies cannot be given as gifts to trainers not involved in the Sleuth!

Any questions about breedings should be directed to Bright Promise by email.