Expert: Official Sleuths

Below are official Sleuths registered the Nai's Glory and are entitled to Sleuth benefits.

Sleuth of Turning Leaves Sleuth of Turning Leaves

Trainer in Charge: Jennalyn
Leader Naisuk: Chokore-to (ng003m)
Mission Statement:
"As the Sleuth of Turning Leaves, we desire to grow and form a community of learning and progression. Even as leaves are all part of a single tree, we are all part of the Sleuth. We grow and change, giving back to our mother Charm of Nai's Glory just like a leaf gives back to its mother tree.

"Also like leaves, we are new and simple at our beginnings but become more complex and interesting as time wears on. We each gain our own individual appearance and, as no autumn leaf is ever the same, no Naisuk is either. Like trees whose leaves turn upwards to catch the rain better, we improvise and adapt to become better individuals, thus strengthening the Sleuth and Charm as a whole."

Sleuth of Turning Leaves