Expert: Sleuths

About Sleuths

Sleuths are affiliated with a Charm. Since there is only one public Charm, Nai's Glory, all Sleuths will be an addition to this Charm.

Sleuths are made up of cubbies, cubs and adults and usually have ranks. They usually have a Trainer that is their Watcher who gives them help and guidance when the Sleuth needs it. One rank that is needed is the Sleuth Leader. This is an adult Naisuk who is experienced in battle and can lead her members to success.

It is asked that Trainers who would like to start a Sleuth are experienced battlers and good standing members of the Battling Community. The expectation is that the Trainer has participated in more than 10 battles and have 500+ posts on the Nowhere Realm boards.

Starting a Sleuth

To start a Sleuth, a Leader of the Sleuth must be decided as well as have at least two more adult Naisuk who will start with the group. In total, made up of cubbies, cubs and adults, the starting Sleuth must have 6 members made up by their Naisuk or Naisuk from other Trainers. The Sleuth must also have a homepage that lists all members that are in the Sleuth with their ID#s, Names, Trainer and URL. On the page(s), please make sure to have a way that Naisuk can join your Sleuth as well as a link back to Nai's Glory.

After this number has been reached and the page is made, the Trainer who owns the Leader must email Bright Promise with the form below, you will also be asked what you would like your Sleuth symbol to be. This can be a 10x10 pixel images that you or Bright Promise will create that will be placed on all Sleuth member's images next to their Charm symbol.

Leader Naisuk:
Sleuth URL:
List all Naisuk with their ID#:

After your form is submitted, Bright Promise will review your application and give you any feedback on your homepage. If you asked her to make your Sleuth symbol, she will draft it up and reply to your message. Once that is decided, all members will have their images updated with the new Sleuth symbol.

When new members are added to a Sleuth, their ID#s MUST be sent to Bright Promise so that she can add the Sleuth symbol and update her records. The new members will not officially be in the Sleuth until this is done.